Hey guys and welcome to my first ever blog post! YIKES, it sounds so much more official now. My name is Shobika Santha-Haren and most of you who came across this website probably know me as MIABELLAXO in the Instagram World.

I tried this before, exactly 3 years back, when I was in a dark hole experiencing a really tough time. I wrote a lot to myself and out in the public to get over the miserable feelings and eventually stopped once things started getting better for me. I questioned myself, as to why I stopped blogging but that was only because my lifestyle got so much more intense with work, family etc. I now, started to work twice as hard to avoid any sort of downtime in which I could possibly feel that feeling again. This eventually led to no time for blogging. I was intimidated to start this all over again (literally from scratch), but realized, if it got me through the worse times, it’s definitely here to stay.

I can truthfully say, writing out in the public where everyone is watching every word you write is intimidating but I learnt to face it all. To start this all over again, it is definitely a big leap out of my comfort zone but I am ready.

Anyways, yeah, so I’m Shobika and I’m from the 6ix (woop woop). I am 28 years old and I just finished my undergraduate in Psychology (this is a story for another day lol). I currently work as a unit clerk at a medical clinic and an overnight remote medical transcriptionist. There are literally not enough hours in a day for your girl lol. I also help out my husband in his wedding cinematography journey (you can see his work on @keepitmovinfilms).

A few things about me. Guys, my name is not MIABELLA. I mean I don’t blame you for thinking that obviously. But I think I need to set the record straight. MIABELLA, means MY BEAUTIFUL/BEAUTY. I chose to mean it as MY BEAUTY and thats how I started the Instagram account. So please, my name is Shobika lol.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE TO TRAVEL. If I can do it all year, I flippin would. I’m also weirdly obsessed about anything JURASSIC PARK. (I’m not kidding, I read forums about every single bit about the movies and how they create the dinosaurs etc. lol It’s a real big deal).

As I restore this journey of mine, I would love to have you all with me on the ride. I will be sharing bits of my life, my tips on travel, fashion, lifestyle hacks, and so much more I have to offer you. You could possibly be inspired by my words and at ease, knowing that someone is probably going through something similar to you or probably not even relate to me at all lol. Regardless, I’m beyond grateful for having you stop by here.

This website is still a work in progress and I hope to have everything done soon. Have a great weekend everyone and make sure to subscribe to get updated with my new upcoming posts!


  1. Love it and congrats! I love Jurassic park too but maybe not as obsessed lol

    • thank you shams <3. haha, who wouldn't love jurassic park!!!!! my obsession is a whole new level though, ask haren, he will tell you how crazy i am LOL

  2. Can’t wait to hear those travel tips!

    • girl, you know i gotcha <3

  3. Congratulations on starting a blog again!

  4. This was fun to read girl, and your personality and spirit shine right through! Keep on, keeping on!

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