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SHOP MIABELLA is dedicated to helping women discover and celebrate their individual beauty. Whether it is our luxurious cosmetics or accessories, SHOP MIABELLA aims to have you loving these pieces so much you’ll be making excuses to wear them again and again. 

We focus on launching innovate and affordable new items frequently showing the passion and skills of our experienced teams in a very fast moving beauty world.

Canadian owned and designed, SHOP MIABELLA is a boutique online shop that boasts a beautiful selection of carefully curated collection for inspiring fashion and style. Together with a handful of talented individuals, I hope to bring you the visuals filled with imagination to platform each of our products which are exclusively for the fashionable. Each of our items were exclusively selected and named to serve a greater purpose than to match that outfit of yours. Starting off with empowering women through makeup, we decided to extend our platforms to other lifestyle means.

Shobika Santha-Haren